Smokestack Lightnin'

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Smokestack Lightnin' performed on the Sunset Strip between 1965 and 1970 as a featured band first at the Sea Witch and later at the Whiskey. At the Sea Witch we would alternate weeks with Jim Morrison and the Doors. The band was discovered by famed record producer Bones Howe. Bones was the producer of the Association and the Fifth Dimension. He also engineered and produced for
the Turtles, Mama's and the Papa's, Barry McGuire, Elvis and many others. We were first signed to the White Whale label and later moved to the Bell Record label out of New York. The band performed or toured at one time or another with just about every major act at the time including Creedence Clearwater, American Flag, The Doors, Three Dog Night, Big Brother and the Holding Company, Jefferson Airplane, Dave Clark Five, Bo Diddley, Dion, The Association, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, and many others. We developed a faithful following of thousands of wonderful fans and friends over the years. Our album went Top 60 in Billboard and Top 20 in Record World. Although we scored Top 10 singles in various cities around the country, we were unable to score with a Top 10 national hit. It's interesting to note that on Oldies resale websites our singles are bringing as much as $30.00, with the album selling for up to $50.00 or more. It was a great era and everyone seemed to know one another, party together and remain friends through it all. All the bands treated each other with respect and we jammed together on many occasions. Recently, I was able to make contact with the rest of the band after being apart for more than 35 years. Each member has had personal success with their lives and careers, although none in the music business. Kelly has a successful glass company employing more than 35 people, Ronnie is a general contractor, Ric is a marine electronics specialist and I have had a long career in real estate. After being featured on the 60's Garage Band Website and being listed on Hollywood Hangover, I began to receive letters and messages from around the country and as far away as Canada. It seems many of our fans have remained loyal to this day and several spoke of wearing out our records. I have received numerous inquiries as to whether our album will be re-released on one of the Oldies labels in CD, and I understand Bones Howe has been talking with them about the possibility. Each member of Smokestack Lightnin' is grateful that there continues to be so much interest not only in our band, but with all the bands and performers from the 1960's. It's great to know that Web based radio stations and Web sites such as yours continue to keep the music and the bands alive.
Please let me know if I can provide any other information or answer any questions, I will be pleased to do so.
All my best,
Art Guy