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My Guestbook has been complete and no longer available, so I continue on this News page April 10, 2005 - December 26, 2006.

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December 26, 2006
Email from Michael Stewart~Ware

Hi Betty,
Thanks so much for posting the news of my inclusion in the "Greatest Rock Drummers of the Sixties" on your site. You must know how happy I am to be in there with some of the greatest names in rock drumming. It's kinda like being inducted into the "Rock Drummer's Hall of Fame."
You bet we're all glad that Mike Port is alive and doing so well. Who knows?.... that session may yet take place. If it does, you're for sure invited!
Have a wonderful holiday season and a prosperous New Year.
See Great Rock Drummers Sixties book here!

December 7, 2006,
Mike Port has been found and living in Maryland.
Email from Randy Holden
Michael Stewart is drumming up a storm on my new albums, playing better than he ever was, and he also just came out in a book "Greatest Rock Drummers of the 1960s with a chapter on him standing right in among the more well known e.g. Jon Bonham, Mitch Mitchell, Keith Moon, Ginger Baker etc ... .... incredible Michael is better than any of those others now ..

It's been nothing less than great new creative music with Michael Stewart on board. He and I have discussed the possibilities of bringing in Michael Port somewhere along the line if the opportunity presents itself ... ... we have an excellent Bass player "L" from New York, who is also very creative, has the same passion for power drive and soul expression we enjoy. As well, he has a gig with Sony, excellent engineering skills, great computer literacy, freeing me to focus directly on the music. He is a very intelligent guy who has a lot to contribute ... its a joy to work with him in my home studio, and Michael feels the same .... we are all on the same page all the time while working. Besides being a whole lot of fun, it just keeps getting better by light years every time we play ... to the extent, I have to say it's the best band I've ever had together ... enough said on that for now ... suffice it to say, I'm so busy I have no time for anything but to look only straight ahead to keep this this high speed race car on the track ... having more fun that ever ... thats it for now.

November 27, 2006
Randy Holden, Michael Stewart~Ware and I are searching for Michael Vaughan Port formerly of the Sons of Adam. Any information would be appreciated.

November 16, 2006
I just purchased the Randy Holden Early Works 64~66 with Sons of Adam and Fender IV. Looking forward to listening to it!

November 2, 2006
Email from Don adey
Check out a couple of my songs

October 30, 2006
The Hollywood Stars
I found your site today and I was very excited...Mark Anthony (Warner) a.k.a. Max America is my uncle...my father's brother. I knew him very well. I was delighted at the photos you have and the article snippets but your information about his death is very inaccurate. He was far from an orphan. My grandmother Joyce was in contact with him all the time. He used to write songs and play them for me as a child. He was my favorite uncle.
He didn't die the night he collapsed. He went into a coma that night and died weeks later. He was highly superstitious and the night he collapsed was Friday the 13th. Normally he wouldn't leave his home on Friday the 13th so it's rather eerie. He was a great man and a very fun loving uncle.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Mandy Collins

October 30, 2006
Dear Betty,
Just wanted to say I'm grateful that you are preserving the sense of Hollywood history that isn't all about old movies & such. It was a remarkable time that cannot be duplicated.. Now that we are grown ups (well, chronoligically, as least), it's great to remember the stories that were happening in the clubs and even hanging out in front of the clubs! I'm not surprised that someone has come forward to tap into your resources to build a framework for doing a Doors film. You bring the essence of those days back in your pages.
As for new stuff, I know you've been kind enough to mention my son's band "The Petes"..well, they are playing the Knitting Factory again on
November 13th and have just finished another video, which is on the www.fataddict.com web site. They are playing in town a lot and gathering a decent following. I would bet that a lot of us from the late 60's, 70's Hollywood have kids in bands now...it's in the genes!
Thanks again for a truly good ride through your site. The photos are terrific and I will be happy to contribute to your collection as soon as I can recover my personal photos.
Carol Farwell

September 6, 2006
Hello Betty,
I'm working on a documentary about the Doors' early days in Los Angeles and the Sunset Strip scene for Lions Gate Films, and I was intrigued when I saw your Hollywood A Go Go website with your wonderful photos of that time period. I am wondering if we might be able to discuss the possibility of using some of your photos in our film. We are focusing on the Doors' early days in Los Angeles, and especially on broadening the picture of the band to included the total Doors experience in the context of their environment, rather than limiting ourselves to Jim, as most documentarians effectively have. We're not interested in scandal for this film as much as we are in providing an accurate but interesting piece about one of history's most intriguing bands and places in time. Please let me know at your earliest convenience if something might work out. Thank you
very much for your time.



Daniel Hasenstaub
Silverfish Productions
4311 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 300
Los Angeles, CA 90010

August 4, 2006
March 7, 1945 ~ August 3, 2006
Arthur Lee has passed away. Our hearts go out to his family.
Read about it here!

If anyone can help Ed....
Hi There,
Love your site!
I have a question.Currently they are making a Docu about Arthur Lee and LOVE.
I was asked if I could maybe find a pic of Ben Franks coffee shop in the 60's.So far I haven't found one, so I thought, maybe I can turn to you?
Any help would be great.

August 1, 2006
We had a great time at the concert. The bands were amazing!

I received an email from Lydia regarding Ruben de Fuentes

You do not know me, I was not around that area in the 70's. But I did know Rubin and his family. I was talking with an old girl friend who use to date Rubin her name is Bonnie Shulman, she is the one who tolded me about this site. I am glad he had a great time from what I can see. I hope he is well. Would you say hi for me.

July 20, 2006
Tomorrow I am heading for the Pacific Amphitheatre to see John Kay and Steppen Wolf, Vanilla Fudge, Starship, and Quick Silver Messenger Service. It should be a good concert! See ya there!!! Betty

June 27, 2006
Hi Betty,
I found your website and just wanted to say what great fun it was looking at all the photos. Know some of the people there. Such great times those were!
Take care.

May 30, 2006
Info from Blue Cheer News link
Still no public news as to what happened to the Official Blue Cheer Web site, but here are some links to follow so you can keep up with the 2006 tour news ... as usual, Dickie is away from the computer ... but be assured that he is close to his bass and ready to rock. Messages do get to him in time ... see you at the gig

May 26th, 2006, Email from Dave Travis telling me what a
Mastering Engineer is:
Mastering is the last Creative
Stage in the audio Manufacturing process. In the 60's when I started
this meant cutting the Record Master on a Lathe. Any changes needed to
match up different songs on a LP or getting the most punch possible on a
45 are done at this time. The idea was to get the "product" to sound as
good as possible on AM radio and the little tiny speaker it would be
heard on. If you were good at this producers would come to you to get
that extra edge. This could involve optimizing the EQ{bass,treble
etc],compression, working around the limitations of a record[physical
limitations] and editing and sequencing the tape. At the time I started
Mastering Engineers very rarely got even a mention on the jacket, now of
course things are very different. I did scribe my initials in the lead
out of Ina Gadda Da Vida and got in trouble for doing so, so if you have
one of the original pressings you will find DT in the lead out. I did
that with a few other things I did[maybe Loving Things by the
Grassroots]but I don't remember which ones. Today everything is digital
and is done in the computer, although you still have to know what your
doing. I hope this is a good explanation, I'm not very good at
explaining in a coherent fashion.

May 24, 2006 Regarding phony Steppenwolf
An accident that I stumble across this website. I was one of the injured and ripped off audience members back in 1979 to see what I thought would be my favorite band in the world! How time flies but you never forget bad experiences! And in the world of computers some 20 years later I'm able to reach out and contact one of you guys ...for what? To thank you for one of the worst nights of my life! Well people do stupid shit and always will. I guess you had to do what you had to do at the time, but it truly sucked and disgraced the name Steppenwolf. Thankfully some year or two later John kay and Steppenwolf was reborn and I finally got to see, hear, and meet John Kay in person at a show in Albany, N.Y. ..and life goes on. Hope your current /future endeavors have some merit to them and that you are doing something that you can be proud of.
George Biancosino Jr

May 22, 2006 Email from Mike Kerry regarding Love
'Start Productions from London are making a documentary film about Love with the full co-operation of all surviving members of the band. We'revery keen to hear from anyone who knew any of the members, or might have photos of Love, ticket stubs or flyers, or memories of seeing them back in
the 60s. Also, if anyone has any photos of venues or crowds at any of theplaces Love used to play, such as the Brave New World, Bido Litos, theTrip, the Whisky etc, or places they used to frequent such as Ben Franks or Canters, we'd be very interested in hearing from you. MikeKerry.(mike.kerry@startproductions.co.uk)'
Hopefully hear from you soon

May 18, 2006 Michael McCarty emailed me with his web site
Check it out!
and Faces 4

May 10, 2006
Hi Betty,
Just a little update. Since you included Smokestack Lightnin' on your website I have received messages from fans as far away as Holland. I learned that our record label Bell Records was purchased by Arista Records and they in turn were purchased by Sony/BMG. Sony now controls our album and we have been communicating with one of the Oldies Record companies about the possibility of digitally re-mastering and re-releasing the album on CD. I'll keep you posted as things progress. Thank's for making our band part of your history. All my best,
Art Guy
Drummer, Smokestack Lightnin'

May 9, 2006
Email from Dan Hortter formerly of the Driftones who later became The Yellow Payges.
Yes in deed I do remember you. Didn't you have a friend you were always with. If I recall you two were like sisters and were inseparable. Isn't the internet a wonderful thing. I can't begin to tell you how many people I have made contact with that I haven't seen or heard from in over 35 years. How have you been? I am retired and living in Arizona. We have 5 children and 4 grandchildren so to say life is great would be an understatement. How's this for a small world. One of our neighbors had some visitors a couple of weeks ago and it turns out that her friend use to come see us at the Hullabaloo. She actually asked me if I ever played in a band called the Yellow Payges. It was really nice spending time with them talking about old times. They were great times weren't they.
I was in the high tech industry for 32 years and in home improvement for 5 if that helps. I am currently coaching my grandson's little league baseball team. My wife (Kathie) and I travel as much as we can but the grandkids keeps us pretty busy as I am sure you know.
Your web site is wonderful. I haven't seen some of those pics. Where did you get them? I hope to hear from Dave soon.
Anyway, take care and let's keep in touch. Drop me an email if you ever plan on coming out this way.

May 9, 2006
Email from Dave Travis (RIP) formerly of The Driftones and Scramblers.
I haven't spoken to Danny Hortter or Terry Rae for 39 years.
Damn time fly's when your having fun. I'm going to see what I can find in the way of photos. I don't have much but some of my friends do. I'm still in the business as a Mastering Engineer but I will always be a musician first. If you like you check out what I'm doing now

I'm so happy to see people keeping alive the spirit of those times. It
was at the end of regional radio, Meaning even the little guy [or gal]
had a chance of getting airplay, and someone like Danny, myself, or BobDylan could pick up the skip waves late at night and hear completely new[to us] music to inspire to new and different creativity. now its all the same.
Thank you Betty, Much Love Dave
Also on Faces 6 and Faces 13

May 4, 2006

Quote from "Love Message Board" regarding Arthur Lee. Ours prayers go out to you Arthur! Let's all try to go!
~ "I'm so pleased to announce that we will be having a benefit for Arthur on Wednesday, June 28th at the Whisky-A-Go-Go. This venue is particularly significant, since LOVE first performed there 40 years ago!! So far, these are the artists confirmed to appear: BABY LEMONADE, Michael Stuart-Ware, Vince Flaherty and his band The Invincebles and others to follow. Johnny Echols will be performing with BABY LEMONADE and also with Michael Stuart-Ware and other former members of LOVE. I will keep everybody posted as other artists are secured."

April 20, 2006
I saw this morning on another message board that Arthur Lee was diagnosed in early February with ALL ~ Acute Lymphoblastic. He is currently in the hospital. Our thoughts are with him.

April 16, 2006
Last night I went to see Chuck Negron formerly of Three Dog Night in concert out in Palm Springs. He looked great and still a beautiful voice!
I also received an email from Dave Davies formerly of The Kinks. He was going to check out my site. Hope to get photo's from him.

February 24, 2006

Hi Betty;
Great to hear from you too. Actually, I just got back into music about five years ago. Before that I wrote TV(Rambo, Punky Brewster, Police Academy,
Chuck Norris, etc.) and did voiceovers (Transformers, McDonalds, etc.).
Doug Altman (Young Men, Ricky Nelson, Jackson Brown, Linda Rondstat) is playing drums for me again. I figure you might know him as he played the Strip with me and Mike Rice (Merry Go Round) after the Knack broke up.
Now I'm touring and doing the Casino thing (as you can see from my website).
Send me an address and I'll send you a pre release copy of our new CD.
I tacked on a few pics for you. Keep in touch and come by to see us play sometime. And say hi to the rest of the gang for me.
Your old old old friend - Chain

February 2, 2006
Betty...i got a call from jimmy greenspoon the other day. he and i were in our first band together back in the surf days...late 50's, early 60's. together we went through the alleykats, new dimensions, sound of the 7th son and the eastside kids. then he left to help form 3 dog night. we have been good friends well over 40 years. he asked me to forward you the attached picture. the pic was taken in the sand area of the sea witch around 1966-67. i'm to the left, then joe madrid, jimmy and dennis lambert. lambert used to sit in with us and went on to form lambert and nuttycombe. in the front are dave and mike doud. dennis and the douds have passed away. jimmy, joe and i are all still in touch as well as with art guy and craig nuttycombe who were also in the first surf band. art went on the play in smokestack lighning and craig went on with dennis and is now doing his own thing around san luis obispo in the central coast of california. we are all close and all good friends. Danny Belsky
Photo available on Faces 13.

January 19, 2006

Discovered your site when I was on Imdb looking for info on TV shows I loved when young. Didn't find anything on Hollywood A-Go-Go there but did when I googled it.
I grew up in Virginia, in a very rural community and remember watching it on station WTTG out of Washington. This was in my senior year of high school 1964-65 and I remembered it ended sometime the fall after I graduated .
I was first really starting to get into music then, and always looked forward to it(believe it was on Sat. nights at first), and also Hullabaloo and Shindig.
I remember the wide variety of acts it had, not just rock, but also folk and even country sometimes. I first saw the Dillards on there, playing bluegrass and sporting the long locks of rockers. I was going through a love/hate thing with country then( and with lots of other things in my environment.) Associated it with political and social views I was busy rejecting, when I was getting ready to go to college and a new lifestyle.
We grew up on opposite sides of the country, in totally different environments, totally different life-experiences. You got to see live what I only knew from TV. I treasure those days, when a new world, as it were, was opened to me.
Never thought I would be re-acquainted with this world, of memories of Sam Riddle, the Gazzari dancers and all the rest.(Found a site where I can get a DVD of some shows).
Recall how a lot of parents and teachers thought the dance moves and the attire of the dancers on this and similar shows was improper and even indecent. Seems pretty tame now, with MTV, etc.
Just wanted to let you know that someone back here in the east remembers Hollywood A-Go-Go. Your site brought back a lot of memories.
Patrick Alther
Charlottesville, Va

January 19, 2006
Ran across your web site..I am the owner of the then :"Rock Corporation" in Van Nuys, I openen it and closed it..my name is Jeff Simons, and I remember all the groups and rockers, and stories !! Nice to see I am on the net..I am in many books regarding R&R in the Valley, original groups ect...I would be happy to answer any questions or add additional info if your interested, my email is jeff.simon@sbcglobal.net my cell is. I still live just two blocks from the original site of the Rock Corporation, I have plenty of photos and news articles, our real claim to fame is legalizing the wet t-shirt contest, which by the way Van Halen was my haouse band at the time...got lots more, hope to talk to you soon..

January 9, 2006
January 6th marked my third year on the net. I think my web site is great and picking up new viewers. Thanks to everyone for their continued support. I LOVE the photo's that you send me and will treasure them always. Some of you have known me since October 2002 when I first got started.
Please keep in touch. Sincerely, Betty

December 30, 2005
Great site! It's always a pleasure to go back home again and remember how it was. On behalf of myself, the rest of the members of THREE DOG NIGHT, my friends and bandmates from THE EASTSIDE KIDS, NEW DIMENSIONS, and SOUND OF THE SEVENTH SON, keep up the good work. Gimmy Greenspoon

December 23, 2005
I was the underage ticket taker at The Rock Corporation in Van Nuys back in 1977- I think it was- and I got to know The Hollywood Stars quite well.I ran across my scrapbook this week so I googled them and got your site. You mention that Mark died this year. Can I get info on that please.I still have my Hollywood Stars shirt that Ruben gave me.

December 20, 2005
Matt is trying to get in touch again with Terry Rae. Drop him a line.

December 6, 2005

Blue Cheer LIVE - Last Live Performance in 2005
Hosted By: Blue Cheer Music
When: Saturday Dec 10, 2005
at 10:00 PM
Where: Krug's Place
906 N. East Street
Frederick, MD 21701
(301) 694-0066
Cover - $15.00
Fresh from rehearsal on the new CD, Blue Cheer is doing what they do best
.... playing hot live music 'til the walls fall down. Also on the bill ...
Internal Void and Kelly Carmichale. The Cheer is on at 10:00 PM, hotter than
See Poster on Faces 13.

December 1, 2005
Don't know if you folks heard about the Chet Helms Tribal Stomp ... huge original SF music scene get together to honor Chet Helms
passing ... Sons of
Chaplain, Dan Hicks and the Hotlicks, It's a Beautiful Day, Blue Cheer ... too many to mention - here are some links to tell you about it Dickie (RIP), Leigh with Prairie Prince on drums *stole the show* 20,000 + people just *roared* they approval, love and "welcome home" the second the last note was struck in their all too short set.
Blue Cheer is on the M O V E
This is Dickie's email address and it's okay to put it up so people can locate him

The Chaos Angel
Blue Cheer Music
Mother Ocean Music
Photo's available on
Faces 13

November 22,2005

What ever happened to the Jon Paul Twins, who had such a long run at Gazzarri's? They were playing there, and sharing the stage with the Bobby Fuller Four, during the time when Bobby "offed" himself. Also appeared many times on Hollywood A Go Go. They had a really long run as the house band at Carolina Pines, by LAX. They may be playing the clubs in Branson, Mo.
Any clue where they might be?
Best regards, Dick Laurey

November 3, 2005
I was searching the web for Terry Rae and came across your site. Terry, Reuben, Mark Anthony, Gary Van Dyke, and I were the original Hollywood Stars. I would love to contact Terry and Reuben. If you have contact info on them, please let me know. I donít know if they have this, but I have a digital version of the original unreleased album.scott@phares.comHome: 203-259-4679 Cell: 917-913-7486

October 27, 2005

An article came up in the Sunday LA Times regarding The New York Dolls DVD slated for release on Dec. 6th called "All Dolled Up" shows the English Disco the famed 70's nightspot owned by Rodney Bingenheimer.

October 13, 2005
Email from Don Adey

Hi Betty how's it going?Here's pictures from the Musicians Picnic with Spencer Davis Joe Chambers and Bruce Gary (from the Kack)
I talked to Fred, Dirk (for over an hour) and just got an E MAIL from Gary Stovall what a trip
Love DonPS I am playing The Palmer Room in Cuvler City its on Motor and National off the 10 Free wayon Thursday at 5pm till 8 oclock also At the Cat And The Fiddle in Hollywood on Hollerween.
donadey3328@sbcglobal.net (updated 11~08~09)

Sept. 27, 2005
Hi , I love your web site. I have many great reflections of the 70's scene, I worked at the Golden Bear back in 77 and was there at the last show in 86 when it tragically closed , You can see a pic of me in my archives at www.seefactory.com/roybio.htm . there's a Golden Bear link there with a few pics.

Sincerely, Roy Zartman

Sept 24, 2005
My heads really spinning from all the old memories. I've just started putting a web page together about my music career. Feel free to post it. It might inspire some of those who stopped playing to get back into it. After a very long lay off I came to realize that is wasn't that I wanted to play drums again. I had to!! I just wasn't right without the music.
Dirk's sister Sharon or Shar Acre played in a band at Gazzarri's also. I forget the name of the band, but they were good. Three girls and a guy drummer If I remember it correctly.
I'm off from work today so I'm gonna set up the drums and jam all day. There were times when the band would lock into a groove and the music would just take us. I was like an out of body experience or something. Like being the hood ornament of a freight train charging down the tracks. I haven't found anything else in life that came even close to that level of emotion.
My drums have been a time machine for me. I put on a set of head phones and pop in CD, and I'm transported to where ever I want to go. I think I'll cruise the strip today and play a set at Gazzarri's. The music will take me back.
That was such a magical point in time for us young people. It didn't matter if we laughed or cried. Looking back it was all good.
Here's my drum page: http://wct.4t.com/Drums.html
I stole one of the pictures from your site. I hope that's OK.
God bless,Fred

Sept 23, 2005
Hey Betty,
Wow! No need to explain who you are. I remember you guys well. You girls were awesome. When I stumbled on your site I couldn't believe it. I'll dig through my old pictures and see what I have. I know I have the song lists that we used on stage.
I'll KIT
Thanks for writing!


September 5, 2005
New York Tony writes in:
hi betty,
thanks for your help .
I used to work at the whisky in the late seventies-early eighties ,
I have been trying to reach anyone from the club during that time .
I saw terry rae's name on your site and thought maybe you could help me get in touch with him .
or anyone else who worked there during that time .
thank you .
tony d.
I can be reached by
e-mail at

July 25, 2005
We are currently looking to obtain images of Blue Cheer for a
review we have submitted for our magazine.
We have so far found it quite difficult to find images of the
band (both past/present) and were hoping you may be able to help
us out.
Any assistance is much appreciated
Darren Howells
Assistant Manager/Editor (inc. Magazine Design & Advertising)
Blues Matters!
Dir. Tel: 01772 717431
Online magazine Media Pack available at: http://www.bluesmatters.com/pdfrates/Media%20Pack.pdf
NEW ISSUE (27), featuring; Robert Cray, Bo Diddley, Holly Golightly, Nick & Joe Moss, The White Stripes, Iggy Pop, Eric Clapton and more... http://www.bluesmatters.com
May 10, 2005

Rick Moser The Palace Guard ram434@aol.com
Email address updated 1-20-11
Bass player of the "Guard". Shared a room with Terry Rae on tour in Canada. Many memories. Presently 24 yrs with Orange County Sheriff. Have a top 40 country band established in 1990. Still giging on a regular schedule. Have 5 kids, 1 granddaughter. Would like to know what ever happened to the rest of the Guard. Terry if you read this give me an email note.

May 2, 2005
Info taken from the book Pegasus Carousel
Originally from Baltimore, The Sons of Adam came to Hollywood to become rock stars. They played with The Stones, Dick and Dee Dee, Glen Champbell, Love and many more. The band played from 1964 to 1966.

Love of the late 60's known to have the greatest albums ever recorded never quite achieved the fame they so deserved. Drugs and egos thwarted their success. They played from 1966 to 1968.

April 23, 2005
I just finished reading "Pegasus Carousel" by Michael Stuart~Ware, available on Amazon.com. There was good information about the group. I hope you all read it. His site is on my Links page and Faces 12.

April 16, 2005
Here is an email from Chuck Warriner

Hi, I stumbled across your site while researching mod fashions to use to wardrobe The Automatics! See the new site for the new band we just assembled to back David at ... www.theautomatics.com

Strange that you had a "The Automatix" band too!
I was out in L.A. a lot in the late 60's and early 70's.
I knew Rodney Bigenheimer, Cherie Currie, Fanny, Alice Cooper (I was friends from Phoenix where I lived) , Wild Man Larry Fisher (who didnt know him!!) and lots of Rock and Roll people.
It really struck me how sycrhonous this is as I have been to Blue Cheer and Strawberry Alarm Clock Related sites, just in the last few hours and then suddenly after I was off on another tangent, there they popped back up agin! Think it means anything/ Or are they secretely taking over all browsers?!?!?!
I was in bands, and selling vintage guitars at Concerts and meeting everyone. following bands and seeing many shows, then I moved to Denver and Worked with Tommy Bolin at night and ran my music shop days. When he left to be in James Gang and Deep Purple, I went to England and met everyone and toured.
Back in Denver and kind of left the music scene a bit (still in but not minute by minute)
Now back in and renewing all my old friendships!

Great to see your site, keep at it!
Chuck "Tangerine" Warriner in Denver (soon to be in Mendocino County)

April 10, 2005
I was doing some research on the group "Sons of Adam" when I came across Michael Stuart~Ware's web site. He has a book out called "Pegasus Carousel" with the Legendary Rock Group "Love." He was also formerly of "The Sons of Adam" , then went on to play for "Love". Can't wait to read it. When I am through, I will add more info. He is also available on Links, Faces 12
and on News 2

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