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January 2003

My web site has been planned for over a year now so I can share my story and photos with everyone. Last year while doing some research, I was pleasantly surprised to find that there were other sites already up and I have since met some old friends who have helped make this site possible. You can meet them over at My Back Pages.

I was born in Pasadena, California and lived there for five years until we moved to the San Gabriel Valley where I grew up and attended school. My love for art and music I can attribute to my Mother who was an amature artist and my Father who was a piano player in many bands throughout his life. They parted ways in those early years and my father remained in Pasadena. We did end up having a piano in the 60's and when my Father came to visit I would always have him play for me while my Mother would sing.

I met my best friend
Linda in 1964 when I was a sophomore in high school and we both loved the groups that invaded the US.
The Beatles and Stones were our favorite. Having long hair and being a Mod was the criteria for any of the guys we dated and they weren't living anywhere but in Hollywood, or so we thought! We decided to change our names, so I became Brook and she became Cilla. Today we are miles apart now that she lives in Idaho, but still close friends and our experience and feelings for Hollywood will never die.

My brother-in-law Meredith worked for Capitol Records and would bring me the newest records before they went out on the market. The Beatles, Stones and Bob Dylan. He brought me tickets to see the first Beatles concert at the Hollywood Bowl on August 23, 1964.

Pen pals were the rage and my first was Chris
who lived in England. We would always talk about the groups and the fashions to see who was wearing what. Today we remain close friends and she came for a visit in the 80's. Her and her husband St. John have a wonderful novelty store. I hope to visit her someday.

I began writing to
Sloane Glasser who was a fan club President for a group called The Ramrods. She would send me postcards in her travels and lived in London for a while. We never did get to meet even though I lived in San Jose for a short time and she lived In San Rafael. Her last letter was in 1971. She was married to Frank Glasser. Maybe one day she will see this site and we can catch up.

In 1966 right out of high school, I moved in with Linda and her family in Monterey Park to a super spanish style home called El Encanto. My first job was slinging tacos and that lasted a short time until I went to work as a waitress in a donut shop. I bought my first car, a salmon colored 1954 Ford. I painted the wheels white and added large daisies on the side windows. Groovy! I drove that car to Hollywood for a while until I purchased a 1966 MG. We went to Hollywood seven days a week through the end of 1968. I somehow made it to work each morning with little sleep. This is where my journey begins and you can read all about it in
My Back Pages.

I started dating Mike in November 1968 when he came home from Viet Nam. He was my brother's best friend and we grew up in the same neighborhood. We married in 1970 Las Vegas style and had two sons in 1974 and 1978. When my youngest turned one I attended college and started my own business as an Interior Designer in 1984. Then in February 2005
I started renting space in an Antique Mall and now sell furniture and collectables.

My oldest son married in 2005 and has two children. My youngest son is single.
That brings us to today, April 1, 2015 and the story remains the same,
except I am now retired.

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