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Name: Dusty Nathan (misterwriter111@hotmail.com)
Home Page: www.writesight.com/writers/misterwriter111
Date: Tue Jun 10 18:43:39 2008
Comments: I'm still writing, everything from short stories, song lyrics, columns, whatever. I was trolling around looking up some people back home in Hollywood and found this great site. Hit me up, if you remember me.

Name: Chip Beers (sgtbeers@yahoo.com)
Date: Sat May 31 22:18:57 2008
Comments:So many memories, so many good times . Where has all the music gone ?

Name: Violet Moon's Strap On's
Home Page: www.hollywooddiarie.com/violetmoon.htm
Date: Thu May 01 14:11:43 2008
Comments:Betty you Rock baby!
It is so sweet of you to add Alex Campbell.

Name: Dirk (Dirka@horizonretail.com)
Date: Tue Apr 29 16:13:14 2008
Comments: Thanks Betty...It's been awhile since I last saw your Site and last week I told my sister to send me her Pictures and she said that after school she'll do it.Well it's been almost a year, so I think she'll do it this time. She's a great sister and I only see her If I'm working in her area which was a year ago...Thanks Betty and hope your family is in good health, still I can close my eyes and see everyone as they were back in Hollywood, then open them and see alot have left this earth...Thanks again for the Wonderful memories.....PEACE

Name: T. Wilson
Date: Fri Mar 21 1:05:33 2008
Comments: It's good to hear that Mike Port and Mike Stewart are doing well. When I was sixteen Mike Port was my boyfriend for awhile. He used to pick me up from High School in his GTO. I had such a crush on him. We met at Huffs on the strip. I was also originally from Baltimore, MD. I would go and see him play at the Brave New World. The last time I saw him he wasn't doing too well so I'm glad he's alright. Mike Stewart was in my band for awhile in the early 70's. We worked at the Lobster House in Marina Del Rey. He was always a really nice guy. Joe was also a sweetheart. Where is he? I didn't know Randy very well. Anyway, this site is great. Thanks, Teri

Name: Strub (office@blumen-strub.ch)
Home Page: http://www.blumen-strub.ch
Date: Wed Mar 19 3:27:09 2008
Comments: Hy, Very nice and beautiful website. congratulations. Best wishes from Switzerland

Name: T. W.
Home Page:
Date: Sat Mar 15 23:30:18 2008
Comments: Did Larry from the Knack go to Fairfax High School in L.A.? Was his Knack band the one from the 60's? I had a boyfriend named Larry who was in a band called the Knack in high school. Thanks, T.

Name: Neil Olson (vze1pyn9@verizon.net)
Home Page:
Date: Sat Jan 05 13:05:39 2008
Comments: Hey Betty, thanks for the site. Does anyone remember Jumbo? I played drums with them and am looking for the other band members. Also would like to find any Palace Guard connections. They were friends of mine.

Name: Dirk (Dirka@horizonretail.com)
Date: Sun Dec 30 22:43:51 2007
Comments: Wishing all the people I knew back in Hollywood and all the bands I played in A HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR and Peace to all ...... always be Happy

Name: Stephen Drumachine Sciucco. (drumachine@cox.net)
Home Page: Stephendrumachine
Date: Mon Dec 24 15:13:05 2007
Comments: Betty this has 2 be the best by far recollection and photography .at its most spontaneous .it deserves an award just 4 being there and being able 2 recreate it at its most vital .thank you 4 the research and narratives. very explanational bands/dates a 10.

Name: Scotty Starr (starr.photo@gte.net)
Home Page:
Date: Fri Dec 14 13:03:32 2007
Comments: Great Site. Maybe someone can help me here, i'm working on a book about the history of SKATEBOARDING and i am trying to find any and all Photos and Film clips of Rock Stars Riding a Skateboard in the '60's.. I've got Pete Townsend and George Harrison.. but there has to be more. Anyhelp would be greatly appreciated.

Name: Art Guy (theartguy@msn.com)
Home Page:
Date: Fri Dec 07 11:46:24 2007
Comments: Hi Betty, Smokestack Lightnin' would like to wish you and all our friends out there a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year! All my best, Art Guy

Name: CHELSEA LEE (chelsmiami@yahoo.com)
Home Page: www.myspace.com/misschelsealee
Date: Thu Nov 15 11:45:05 2007
Comments :I am really chuffed and nearly cried seeing the pics you put up, especially of jeanette and jimi. thank you love, chelsea xxxxxxxxxxx

Name: stephen sciucco sr (drumachine@cox.net)
Home Page:
Date: Sat Nov 10 6:14:36 2007
Comments: betty awesome job w photos /memorabilia/stories i really appreciate what u r doing w this page wish i was there i am a drummer and was then i would have love 2 been part of- the scene- then i was on the east coast then thank u again 4 all youve done your friend stephen

Name: Alan Keen (ak47libbymt@yahoo.com)
Date: Thu Aug 30 10:32:42 2007
Comments: I was in Hollywood in the days of the PeaCoats, Pandoras Box, the Hollywood Riots, Frank Zappas "Freak Outs", I met Suzy Creamcheese and Vito, hung out at many a back ally coffeehouse and saw the Doors when they first played at the Whisky a go go. What year was that. I'm 60 now.

Name: Sharon (Acree) Rothrock (rothrockj@comcast.net)
Home Page:
Date: Sat Jul 28 17:19:24 2007
Hi Betty! Dirk and I are here together gathering some photos of The Ladybirds. We will get them to you soon. I love your web site. It is such a trip going back to the strip. I hope I can remember enough to write a comprehensive band bio for you. I haven't heard from the other band members in over 25 years. I hope maybe this can reunit us.

Name: Vern Batty (desertskiesmusic@stribmail.com)
Home Page: www.vernbatty.com
Date: Fri Jul 27 11:47:58 2007
Comments: Betty, what a great trip through a fabulous time. Thank you.

Name: Rick Connor (azredone@yahoo.com)
Home Page: Greg Connor
Date: Thu Jul 12 3:37:48 2007
Comments: Does anyone remember Greg Connor? He is my father and played at Hollywood A Go-Go in the 60's. His partner was Kevin Young. They were called The Rainmakers.

Name: Sean from Raquel's Boys (sean0075@verizon.net)
Home Page: www.myspace.com/raquelsboyssunshinepop
Date: Fri May 11 21:19:25 2007
Comments: A wonderful journey to a world unfortunately before my time . Wish I could have been there . Thanks for this fantastic website and sharing all the greatness that was 60's California ! I'll be back again for more visits . Stay Great , Sean

Name: Stan
Home Page: Shadows Of Time
Date: Sat Mar 03 7:51:53 2007
Comments: Great page. I played in various rock bands in the 60's. (east coast) but remember watching all the shows, Shindig, Hollywood A GO Go, Hullabaloo, etc. Wrote a screenplay inspired from a Hollywood A Go Go video clip I saw on youtube. My link will take you to the synopsis.

Name: Phil Kachaturian (Philkash@gmail.com)
Home Page:
Date: Thu Mar 01 11:33:51 2007
Comments: Nice to see a picture of our band from the 60's "Pride" We are all alive except for our drummer Don Murray (RIP) March 22, 1996.

Name: Dirk Acree (Dirka@horizonretail.com)
Home Page:
Date: Fri Jan 12 17:05:40 2007
Comments: Hi When I was younger I was in a surf band called the Blazers and I have pictures when we backed up....the O J's ,Bobby Day ,Kathy Young,Chris Montez,Terry Stafford,The Rivingtons, Jan and Dean and played at the same skating Rink as the Beach Boys.If you can use these pictures, let me know. I'm still composeing music and sent alot of them to Don Adey.I build retail stores and travel nation wide, but still find time to record on the road with my computer, two keyboards, two guitars and at times I bring my lovely wife Debra G and my 12 year old daughter, Mckayla on the road . We have great times seeing the United States.Your doing a great job on your web page. All the best to you.
friends and your family.Dirk

Name: Nelson Williams (nelson.williams@hotmail.com)
Home Page:
Date: Sat Dec 30 3:14:16 2006
Greetings! Be sure to thank Ruben for the photos on your site. Brought back some great memories... Tell Ruben that it's still a pirates life for me... Nelson Williams

Name: Larry Dunlap (larry@stark-naked.com)
Home Page: Stark Naked & the Car Thieves
Date: Sat Dec 16 16:52:56 2006
Hi Betty. Just stopping be to say hi from me and the band. While we only played on the strip a few times we spent a lot of time playing at the Rag Doll in the Valley and a lot of other nearby clubs. We traded places a couple of times with Ike & Tina Turner to play at the Red Velvet while they went to the Rag Doll, Tony Ferra owned both clubs. Also, just before we opened the Caeser's Palace lounge, we played a couple of weeks at Gazzarri's. If you count the Hullabaloo afterhours, we did that a lot. It would be great if that qualified us as part of your Sunset Strip lineup. :)

Name: john iorio (johniorio79@hotmail.com)
Home Page:
Date: Thu Jun 08 11:30:31 2006
Nice terry..great shit!!I'm only a kid (45) but I cut my rockenroll teeth on bands like blue cheer and steppenwolf---Nice to know you guys are still at it---
Oreo from new haven

Name: carol (lacarolf@earthlink.net)
Home Page:
Date: Sun Jun 04 6:06:40 2006
Happy Birthday (yesterday, the 3rd) Terry Rae. A friend and I met for coffee and she remembered it was a special day. We took some time and reminisced about crazy days with an extraordinary drummer/pool player. Cheers to you, Terry

Name: Betty
Home Page: Hollywood a Go Go
Date: Sat Apr 29 14:37:53 2006
Hi Dave, I will put your email address here in case Terry reads this. dbtravis@dslextreme.com

Name: Dave Travis (dbtravis@dslextreme.com)
Home Page:
Date: Fri Apr 28 21:40:01 2006
I played with Terry Rae in the Driftones and the Scramblers, would love to talk to him again.

Name: stephen rinaldi (jaderony@yahoo.com)
Home Page:
Date: Fri Mar 31 23:54:56 2006
i was a crazy young actor at this special time.. hanging out at ben franks guesting on hollywood a go go seeing sonny and cher on their first live tv experience.watching jim m. play at the whisky and on sundays tossing the football with elvis and ricky. used to go to vito and sues and was shocked to hear about heir son godot dying from a fall off a builing in` west hollywood.it was my time and star shining and i have many great stories.

Name: Art Guy (theartguy@msn.com)
Home Page:
Date: Wed Mar 29 18:16:29 2006
Came across your site for the first time today. All my best to you and former fellow bandmembers Jimmy Greenspoon, Danny Belsky, Michael Lloyd, Craig Nuttycombe and fond memories of my good friends and bandmembers the late Dave and Mike Doud. Art Guy Drummer, Smokestack Lightnin' P.S. Best wishes from Ron Darling, Kelly Green and Ric Eiserling of Smokestack Lightnin'.

Name: Steve Shaw (archie1919@earthlink.net)
Home Page:
Date: Tue Mar 28 20:57:20 2006
I just happened across your site and saw the mension of Shaw's restaurant. That was my Mom and Dad's place; Archie and Kay. If you want to say Hi, email me and I'll pass it along. (yes, they are still around!)

Name: michael chain (chainchainc@msn.com)
Home Page: www.michaelchain.com
Date: Fri Feb 24 2:48:56 2006
Just found your site. Love the pic of Linda & me & love the pics of the rest of the Sunset Strip Gang. Hope everybody's alive & well! Chain

Name: Jimmy Greenspoon
Home Page:
Date: Mon Jan 02 6:03:05 2006
Betty: Front Row?

Name: Betty ()
Home Page: Hollywood a Go Go
Date: Sat Dec 31 15:27:55 2005
Can't wait for you to come to my town. Save me a seat! ;)

Name: Jimmy greenspoon (jgtribe@yahoo.com)
Home Page:
Date: Thu Dec 29 13:41:34 2005
BETTY........Will do, whenever I can. JIMMY.

Name: JIMMY GREENSPOON (jgtribe@yahoo.com)
Home Page:
Date: Tue Dec 27 11:34:27 2005
Great site! It's always a pleasure to go back home again and remember how it was. On behalf of myself, the rest of the members of THREE DOG NIGHT, my friends and bandmates from THE EASTSIDE KIDS, NEW DIMENSIONS, and SOUND OF THE SEVENTH SON, keep up the good work.

Name: Blue Cheer Music (lonewolf_5552hotmail.com)
Home Page: Blue Cheer
Date: Mon Dec 05 18:17:01 2005
Hey Betty, Glad to know you are doing all this great work to keep the bands and fans connected. The photos you put up of Dickie and Leigh look wonderful! Look for Dickie to be on the Moooove in 2006 ... the reunion with Leigh, his work with MOTHER OCEAN, the CD's from the current line up, Dutch television, who knows what else. We will keep you posted you all careBful, The Chaos Angel Blue Cheer Music Mother Ocean Music.

Name: Scott Phares (scott@phares.com)
Home Page:
Date: Mon Nov 14 9:49:57 2005
I wanted to tell Jim that I wasn;t with the Band in '78. By that time I was recording with Hero. I can tell you that, sadly, Mark Anthony has passed away.

Name: Scott Phares (scott@phares.com)
Home Page:
Date: Mon Nov 14 9:48:04 2005
Original lead singer of The Hollywood Star

Name: Anna Berardini (Annab263@verizon.net)
Home Page:
Date: Sun Nov 13 0:45:11 2005
Hey Fred: Remember Anna. Love to hear from you. I am the same.

Name: Jim Nuchols (jimnuchols@yahoo.com)
Home Page: Jim Nuchols Online
Date: Fri Nov 11 11:21:05 2005
Man, I am so glad I found your page. I've wondered what happened to the band, The Hollywood Stars, for years. I picked the LP in 1978 and haven't heard from them since. I even tried to download from Napster but nothing. Nobody ever knew who I was talking about. Now I know. I thought they were cool and a band I was in once even covered their song, "Sunrise On Sunset". Anyhow, excellent pages!

Name: John
Home Page:
Date: Fri Oct 28 0:24:39 2005
I was impressed with your site since this theme is very close and important for me. Do not stop and continue! You know, I even have written to myself to the future letter with a reminder on your site (http://www.LetterInFuture.net). I hope, in 30 years I shall be again the visitor of your site. Up to a meeting!

Name: Alan (admin@Global-Picture.net)
Home Page: Global-Picture.net
Date: Thu Oct 20 15:12:46 2005
This is the first website that allows people from around the world to participle in creation of the master-piece. Any person can be a painter, but, the most important thing is that any person can be the author of the painting created by the people from the world. It is unusual painting. It displays those objects that to associate with status of internal and external a condition of soul of any person, that is talking about aspirations and desires of people. Someone lives as a rabbit from Playboys, someone smiles always, someone wants to immortalize a name of corporation and firm or First name and Last name and other. All people have different ideas. After that is as Century or Millenium will passed and through this painting, next generations of people will know how you and me and other persons spend a time and life, what we have a aspirations in the life. May be someone will brag that his ancestor is made an inscriptions or figure on the picture. Just try to look in future!

Name: Betty
Home Page: Hollywood a Go Go
Date: Fri Sep 23 10:38:23 2005
That is great Fred. I am posting your letter on my News Page with an active length for everyone to see. I received an email from Don Adey of the Churchill Downs this week and he heard from Dirk Acree. Don is also going to be included in the Annual Musicians Picnic this Sunday at Rancho San Antonio in Chatsworth, Calif. My main plan on this site is to allow all my old friends to be in touch with each other. Cheers, Betty ;)

Name: Fred Darling - Drummer, Church Hill Downs ()
Home Page:
Date: Thu Sep 22 20:41:17 2005
Comments: Thanks Betty, This it just too cool! You really did an amazing job. When I saw the pictures of you and Linda I did a double take. Then I realized this was you site. What really blows me away is that I spoke with Gary Stovall yesterday for the first time in over 25 years. He's doing well and is still rocking. Two months ago I bought a DW drum set after a very long lay off. I just couldn't stand being away from the music any longer. Then today I stumbled on this site and just couldn't believe my eyes. Ya know what? Those really were the good old days! I might have some old photos and stuff. I'll let you know. Take care. Fred

Name: Fred Darling - Drummer, Church Hill Downs (tackdrivr@aol.com)
Home Page:
Date: Thu Sep 22 15:53:59 2005
Comments: I found this web page today. Blew me away! Brought back some old memories. Good ones! Thanks

Name: Bonnie Sarnelli (desertminerals@cox.net)
Home Page: http://www.supergiftsonline.us
Date: Mon Aug 15 20:15:34 2005
Comments: Hey Betty, It was nice talking to you. Great you're keeping the legends of the Hollywood music scene alive. Everyone played a very important role during that period and has influenced many other musicians till this day. I have enjoyed every moment of that time in my life. For anyone who would like to keep in touch, here are my emails: desertminerals@cox.net and supergiftsonline@cox.net. With love from Dust Devil Hell, Tucson, AZ, Bonnie

Name: Betty
Home Page: Hollywooda Go Go
Date: Mon Aug 15 18:30:53 2005
Thank you sister dear! :)

Name: Elaine
Home Page:
Date: Mon Aug 15 10:59:52 2005
Betty, What a great website you have and thought you would be interested in this little tidbit. One of your e-mailers, Bonnie Sarnelli, mentions working with a lot of bands in the past and also present with bands such as Rancid, etc. Lars Fredrickson is a longtime friend of my son Jeff Isgrig and the lead singer and guitarist of Rancid. What a small world.
Love, your sister Elaine

Name: Mike Dugo(greenfuzz66@hotmail.com)
Home Page: http://60sgaragebands.com
Date: Mon Aug 15 10:58:47 2005
Comments: Thanks, Betty, for use of the Knack photos for my website. If anybody reading this has any info or contact info on the Knack please get in touch with me. http://60'sgaragebands.com

Name: Bonnie Sarnelli (desertminerals@cox.net)
Home Page: SuperGifts
Date: Sat Jul 16 15:47:13 2005
Comments: Hi, This is a great site! Ruben De Fuentes and I were going out during 72 through 75 and again in 1979. He is one of the finest guitarists on the planet! It was a an exciting a memorable time in my life. We were very much in love and swept away with all the wonderful glitter and glitz in the music scene of Hollywood at that time. The Sunset Strip, The Whiskey, Terry Rae, Kim Fowley, "Bear" from Canned Heat and many more of my friends back then! Keep in touch. Lots of love to all of you: Ruben De Fuentes, Eric Davis, Michael Anthony, Bobby Drier, Kim Fowley, Randy Austin, Chris Whalen, Steve DeLacy and the list goes on and on, Bonnie

Name: Rick Moser (The Palace Guard) (Jakeocsd@aol.com)
Home Page:
Date: Tue May 10 23:11:29 2005
Bass player of the "Guard". Shared a room with Terry Rae on tour in Canada. Many memories. Presently 24 yrs with Orange County Sheriff. Have a top 40 country band established in 1990. Still giging on a regular schedule. Have 5 kids, 1 granddaughter. Would like to know what ever happened to the rest of the Guard. Terry if you read this give me an email note.

Name: Rusty Johnson(drummer Pacific Ocean 1968) (steviejae7@aol.com)
Home Page: Walk Don't Run The Book
Date: Wed Apr 20 19:22:36 2005
Comments: Very cool site. A great trip to see those first pictues of Eddie Olmos and Tony Carr. I was behind them on the drums. I have a book being released on Kallisti Publishing on June 1st about Eddie' and my life in show business up to today. Visit my book site at: walkdontrunthebook.com Thanks Rusty steviejae7@aol.com

Name: carol lynn (lacarolf@earthlink.net)
Home Page:
Date: Mon Feb 28 2:06:24 2005
Comments: hi bee, this is the greatest site. i found so many faces that impacted my life in MANY ways. loved the bands, loved my life in hollywood (mostly), loved the bands...oh, i did mention that, but worth mentioning again because they were quite...you know...lovable. i started my hollywood a go-go years very young (12) and kept up till my 30's (lunatic genes). no regrets. thank you for bringing the good stuff back. it's a great tribute to a culture and style that laid the groundwork for so much of what's happening today. Huge drummer fan, it was really great to see Terry Rae on your site. Cheers! carol lynn.

Name: michael christian (michaelchristian1@verizon.net)
Home Page:
Date: Wed Nov 17 7:43:03 2004
Comments: i am looking to get in touch with danny horter he recorded a 45 single little bit of your love in the 60''s i wrote the tune and trying to get a copy for my archives. any help to link appreciated.

Name: Dorothy T. Mladenka
Home Page:
Date: Fri Nov 05 13:55:21 2004
Comments: What a great website! I enjoyed many a concert with the Yellow Payges. They were one of my favorite groups from the 60's. That Danny Gorman was such a cutie!

Name: Betty
Home Page: Hollywood a Go Go
Date: Mon Oct 04 11:00:08 2004
I heard from Dan Hortter yesterday and he said that he has stayed in touch with Danny Gorman who is doing well. Maybe he will stop by and sign the guest book.
Huggs, Betty

Name: Betty
Home Page: Holywood a Go Go
Date: Sun Oct 03 19:19:24 2004
Comments: Hi Randy, Oh I would love to see photo's of The Popcorn Blizzard! Unfortunately, I didn't take any of them when they used to play at Gazzarri's. Faces 11 on my site is the only ones I have so far of the Yellow Payges. Anyone out there can send more!!!!!!! ;)

Name: Randy (randydandy1952@aol.com)
Home Page:
Date: Fri Oct 01 19:16:34 2004
Photos of the Yellow Payges or Popcorn Blizzard would be appreciated.

Name: david lerner (goldenhairrecords@yahoo.com)
Home Page:
Date: Sat Sep 18 13:48:46 2004
Comments: cool site, thanks for the jamme/don adey info

Name: Betty
Home Page: Hollywood a Go Go
Date: Thu Aug 26 12:13:39 2004
Comments: Hi Mark, Yes, I remember Cam Nelson. We went to the same high school. That was Mark Keppel in Alhambra, Ca.. I think she was one year behind me. Stop in again. Betty

Name: Mark bres. (mbresnahan@guitarcenter.com)
Home Page:
Date: Wed Aug 25 18:51:25 2004
Comments: Danny Gorman was in a band in the seventies and I can't remember what label it was. Had a red cover. Saw the Yellow Payges on either Groovy or Boss City ( I think ) and they were cool. Remember Sam Riddle's co-host Cam Nelson ? Peace.

Name: Dan Hortter (dhortter@cox.net)
Home Page:
Date: Sat Jul 24 19:00:04 2004
Comments: Betty, It's so nice to that people like you keep the memories alive. They were GREAT times were they not. Keep up the excellent work. God Bless Dan Hortter

Name: Djinn Ruffner (djinnruffner@charter.net)
Home Page: djinnruffner.com
Date: Sun Jun 27 3:09:18 2004
Comments: i was there and witnessed the birth and death of hollywood from 1965 to 1970.

Name: Mike Dugo ()
Home Page: 60sgaragebands.com
Date: Fri Apr 09 15:13:54 2004
Comments: Any information about the bands and clubs of the '60's Sunset Strip is very much appreciated. Please keep the recollections and the great photos coming!

Name: Don Adey (donadey@hotmail.com)
Home Page:
Date: Sun Mar 21 16:47:32 2004
Hi Betty Your web page is looking great So your father played in the Rythem Kings a good friend of mine Named Joe Borellie took over for the leader of the band who past away could that be your dad?I went to high school with Vern Acree(Dirk Bradford)the last time I saw him was in Saint Louis I went to his wedding. Talk to you soon Don*********************************

Name: Ruben de Fuentes (firefly_651@hotmail.com)
Home Page:
Date: Thu Mar 04 2:48:21 2004
Hi Betty, Hollywoodagogo is a great site. It's like visiting on a time machine. Great job! I want to link it to my site for firefly-1 (I am still working on it, but you can go and check it out). I have a question: how did you get listed with google and the rest of the search engines. We just started our web site and don't know how to do that. Drop us a line if you can help. By the way, I guess I was not very clear when I was telling you about the Eastside kids. They asked me to be in the band but I was only 13 years old and my mom didn't let me. I hope it is not too dificult to correct it on the web site. Thank you for posting the photos.

Name: Edward Anthony G.. (Caljam2004@juno.com)
Home Page: Heaven
Date: Wed Feb 25 16:45:10 2004
Comments: Great site and wonderful memories of the strip and Griffth Park love ins. Anyone remember the Bongo kings at the park? Smitty from Mount Rushmore if your out there write me.

Name: aron pieman kay (pieman@pieman.org)
Home Page: pieman's homepage-happiness is a cream pie-fuck george bush
Date: Sat Feb 14 14:39:08 2004
hey i was involved in the hollywood scene back then!!!anyone recall the griffith park love-ins? well i was one of the focalizers of green power. we were the folks who fed the street freex back then....i would like to hear from some of you....

Name: calvin (nowheresville)
Home Page: 70s invasion
Date: Fri Feb 13 21:16:55 2004
we review lotsa underground music of the 60s and 70s, L.a. bands especially, and unknown women in rokc and pop as well on the 70s invasion, all categories, Vegetarianism too - http://www.angelfire.com/vt2/70sinvasion/

Name: Therese (therese.davies@vanderbilt.edu)
Home Page: Don't Have One
Date: Wed Jan 28 13:57:13 2004
Enjoy your site, linked here from Hollywood Hangover. Hollywood was my home town & I share those same sixties memories; what a great time....

Name: morgana
Home Page: Hollywood Diaries
Date: Wed Jan 21 22:21:54 2004
Great work! Love the pics, even saw a couple friends from "the days". Morgana

Name: Nancy (Hllywd4ever@aol.com)
Home Page: The Great Hollywood Hangover
Date: Tue Jan 20 13:08:33 2004
Checked your website out today. It looks really great, Betty. Keep up the good work, girl. Love your photos and stories. I added your link to my site.

Name: donadey@hotmail.com (donadey@hotmail.com)
Home Page: Don't Have One
Date: Tue Oct 14 1:35:03 2003
Betty thanks for the memories I have allot of pictures to show as soon as my Web page is ready.I remember Popcorn Blizzard and of course Eddy James I'm sorry to hear about Mick from Churchill Downs. Tony Paluso from Eddy's band went on to play with The Carpenters. Lots of love to you Betty. Don Adey************************************************

Name: sande newton
Home Page: Don't Have One
Date: Wed Aug 27 0:44:16 2003
Comments: So nice to see so many faces that I remember from so long ago.It's great to recall the fun times that I and my friends had on Sunset and your site makes the memories more vivid. Mick Newton from Churchill Downs passed away in July of a sudden heart attack, he was 55. It was nice to see some pictures of him from happier times.

Home Page: Don't Have One
Date: Thu Aug 14 19:18:44 2003

Name: Terry Rae
Home Page: Don't Have One
Date: Fri May 30 13:56:47 2003
Comments: Check out the new "Strawberry Jam" Cd now on

Name: Megan D. (gsub@datechristiansingles.com)
Home Page: Date Christian Singles
Date: Wed May 14 1:57:34 2003
Thought I would say HOWDY from Texas:)

Name:Terry Rae
Home Page:Don't Have One
Date: Thurs Mar 17 12:16:22 2003
Comments: Great web site Betty!

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