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Betty Linda Family Bands

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Family Bands and music lovers

Miller Brother's Band 1920
My Dad Larry
on Piano, age 17 and two of his brothers Charles-Banjo
The Rhythm Kings
late 1960's
Dad on piano He passed away at the young age of 59
Dad on Piano with
his mother Florence
Bob and Maria
Dad's cousin's
They were killed on their motorcycle on the way to a gig
in approx. 1984
Ryan and Shawn
Shawn played Trumpet
Shawn and Ryan
Ryan played drums
Shawn and Ryan
Dec. 2008
Destiny's recital
Dec. 2008
My granddaughter
James, John,
and Bill 1995
Ryan age 17 Ryan Ryan's drums
Duane on Guitar
date unknown
Duane Keith 1971
Nephew RIP
Brown Eye 1980's
Nephew Jeff Isgrig
Second on right
Jason Bjerke
Niece Carrie's son
Shutting Down
The Factory 2008
Jason on right
Tyler Armstrong
Meet Corpse
My niece's son
Meet Corpse
Jessie Armstrong
Lars Frederiksen of Rancid holding my niece Brittany in my sister Elaine's house around 1993
Jeff Isgrigs longtime friend from Sunnyvale, Ca.

July 15, 2013 New photo's courtesy Brian Houchin

Brian Houchin
Niece Carrie's
Full Tilt

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