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The Sunset Strip

Jim Morrison
Whisky Wall
The Whisky a Go Go Mario Magliere

Elmer Valentine
Inside Cover
"LOVE" 1967
my collection

Those were the days! 1966
Frank Zappa
on stage
The Whisky
with The Doors

Jimi Hendrix at
The Whisky poster
The Byrds onstage The Byrds and
The Doors at
The Whisky poster
The Doors and Peanut Better Conspiracy at
The Whisky


Gazzarri's Wall Gazzarri's Bill Gazzarri
The Godfather of
Rock and Roll
June 16, 1924 -
March 14, 1991
Inside Cover
Cathy Taylor
10 -68

my collection
Bill the Man!
He would shuffle us back and forth to both clubs!
Hollywood a Go Go
Gazzarri's showing
a Go Go with
The Gazzarri Dancers
a Go Go
La Cienaga
Bill and his girls

Here are photo's from 1968 at Gazzarri's
Do you recognize anyone here? These are from my collection

Greek and Allen
Michelle Linda Strayer
(my best friend),
Cara Spence,
and Sherry Routa
The Pacific Ocean
Album Cover
Eddie James and
The Pacific Ocean
Tony Carr on rt
(Edward James Olmos)
The Pride
Phil Kachaturian, Rock Peterson, Dave Vaught, Don Murray
read more here
Left Dave Vaught
and wife
Cheryl RIP
rt Toni
and her
husband Bob

Edward James Olmos.com

More popular places!

The Hullabaloo
became The
Aquarius Theater
Sunset Blvd
Aquarius Theater
Sunset Blvd
Rainbow Room
Sunset Blvd
opened in 1972
The Troubadour Pandora's Box
The Hullabaloo Show
Remember Dave Hull
The Hullabalooer?
This is a program from
The Musical "Hair" 1969
The Aquarius Theater
from my collection
The Aquarius Theater Poster
The Who

Canters Restaurant
on Fairfax

Bido Lito's The Seawitch
The London Fog
on Sunset Strip
Hamburger Hamlet
on Sunset Strip opened in 1950

Jimi Hendrix
The Doors at
The London Fog
Buffalo Springfield Peanut Butter Conspiracy Strawberry Alarmclock

July 20, 2012 Photo's courtesy Steve Shaw and Happy Birthday to Archie who turns 93 this year!

Shaws Restaurant Sunset Strip
Shaws was a favorite hang out where we could run and get a bite to eat while hanging out in the clubs just across the street from Gazzarri's in the 60's (now The Key Club)
Kay Shaw
Kay and
Archie Shaw (93)
Kay and Archie Shaw
Thanks for the great memories!
also mentioned on News 2 for July 10, 2011 and VIPs!

March 2011 Rodney Bingenheimer

Rodney's English Disco late 1970s

Rodney's English Disco Rodney's Rodney's close up Rodney and Jimi Rodney and Kiss
Led Zeppelin
at Rodney's
Second shot
Third shot Rodney and Friends Rodney,
Jimi Page,
Des Barres
Rodney with his long hair

Rolling Stones 1975 Tour Program Back Cover Eric Clapton 1975 Tour Program

September 1, 2008 Photo's courtesy Fred Rivera

The Pacific Ocean
Kent Henry,
Eddie James,
Fred Rivera and
Rusty Johnson
on drums
Foxy Fred Fred on stage
Las Vegas
Fred in the Army Fred today
Sept. 1, 2008
Chris and Fred

The Iron Butterfly

2010 Donalie Scherer Author, Producer and Talent Agent
Donalie Fitzgerald Scherer was a Producer on the original KHJ-TV
Hollywood a-Go-Go, bringing the Rolling Stones to the U.S. for the first time in 1965. She has a new book about those and other adventures called "If You Fall Down Pick Yourself Up Like a Lady." She and her husband have named their 26' Regal "Hollywood a Go-Go."

You can purchase Donalie's book on several locations on the web!
Just type in her name in your search bar!
Can't wait to read it! Thanks Donalie!

October 2007 Photo's Courtesy Chelsea Lee
Thanx Chelsea! You Still Rock!
Jimi Hendrix photo's from Thomas Monaster's collection at Singer Bowl Aug.23, 1968

The Cake 1967
Jeanette Jacobs~Woods,
Barbara Morillo,
Chelsea Lee
The Latest News
Pandora's Box
Sunset Strip
American Flag
On Sunset Blvd 1967 At Gold Star Studios
A Slice of Cake Ad for
The Cake
Decca American Series New CD Cover
Jeanette Jacobs~Woods
Jimi Hendrix
and Jeanette
Rodney Bingenheimer,
Ed Caraeff
who took the famous photo of Jimi burning his guitar.
Jimi, Al Cooper,
Chas Chandler
Jimi on stage Jimi and
Kevin Ayres

Soft Machine
Kevin Ayres
Nov 2006
LP Cover
Tetsu Electric
Tetsu and Chelsea 1972 Tetsu and Chelsea 1972Psychedelic Color

Chelsea had quite a background including singing with Ginger Baker.

November 23, 2007 from my collection Rollingstone Photography

Jimi 1960's
by John R. Alder
my book
Too Young To Die
Nov. 23, 2007
Jimi 1987
burning his guitar
by Ed Caraeff
Janis Joplin 1972
Bob Seidemann
Janis Joplin 1969
Takes a break at
Newspaper article

Nov. 9, 2007 Photo's courtesy Karen Danell
Rodney's Disco Girl

Gunnar is the brother of late guitarist and founding member Dennis Danell of Social Distortion.
He passed away Feb. 29, 2000

Karen Danell Gunnar and Karen 1979
Malibu 1977
March 1975
Rodney's English Disco Girls
Sabel Starr (standing on car), Shannon,(in Yellow on right),
Diana Hollenbeck (Karen's sister in pink), Karen Danelle (blue and white),
Vanessa (hat) on left)
Diana, Karen, Rodney, and
Rodney Bingenheimer
Walk of Fame 2007
The Mayor of Hollywood and currently
The Mayor of The Sunset Strip poster
Karen Seventeen
Weekly 1971
Karen's Second Cover Wholesome Karen Karen 1971
David Cassidy
on flip side of
her cover
Karen and I Sept. 2007

Karen's Facebook Page

October 26, 2010 Photo's from my collection

Denise from Hawthorne, Karen Danell with her Hollywood Stars t-shirt and me

November 19, 2007
Artwork and photo's courtesy ©VK7
She is an amazing Artist!

Baby Rodney Dream About Rodney The Prince
of Pop
All Happening

Benefit of
The Day Tripper
I Love L.A.
Part 1
I Love L.A.
Part 2
Happiness For Some

Rodney chillin with
The Rodettes at
photo by
Lily Rodette
At Rodney's Star
VK7 on right
VK7 and Rodney's Star

March 23, 2008 Photo's courtesy Ellie Gibbins

Badfinger The Whisky showing
Mike Gibbins
Ellie Gibbins

April 16, 2008 Pattie Boyd

From my collection taken April 4, 2008. She is beautful in person!
Pattie's book signing
"Wonderful Tonight"
at Book Soup on
The Sunset Strip
The Whisky a Go Go
taken from the
Book Store

April 6, 2008 Photo's courtesy yours truly!


April 6, 2008 Betty and Carol Lynn at
The Morrison Hotel Gallery
featuring The Pattie Boyd Photography Collection

Pattie's invitation and George Harrison
(what beauty!)

May 8, 2008 Photo's courtesy Carol Lynn and see her other photo's on
Across the Universe!

Carol and Sugar
her haircut by
Jeff Rollings
Carol and
Lenny Kaye a
writer and the guitarist for
Patti Smith
Carol with
The Ramones

More photo's from Carol July 26, 2008

The Strangers 1978

Jeff Rollings
Rock Star RIP
also on
Faces 7.
More about Jeff here
On Stage
at Madame Wongs
Terry Rae Jeff Rollings
Jeff Rollings
in China Town
Group shot Need help
Terry Rae
Terry Rae
Terry Rae
on drums
Carol with
Jeff Wolfe
of The Fury's
Patti Smith
invitation for
a special
poetry reading
Hollywood Stars
Read Here
The Hollywood Stars
Mark Anthony
- also showing Nite City article with
Ray Manzarick

Read Here
The Monkey's
Davey Jones and
Michael Nesmith.
Carol on right with
her friend Terry
Carol with Flight of the Choncords

One of Carol's son's is in a band called The Pete's
Her younger son is also an accomplished musician!
More to come!

The Pete's Myspace

Email me @ hollywoodagogo4ever@gmail.com
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