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July 1, 2015 New photo's of Robert Plant and the Sensational Space Shifters taken June 2, 2015
courtesy ME! Click the

Photo's courtesy Terry Rae 2004
Terry Rae, Sterling Storm,
John Anderson, Erick Giese
"Radio Song"
by Space

Terry Rae
A quote from Terry about Space!
"What you hear with Space is total communication between four people who are improvising as they go. Experimentation with sound can be very spiritual. The music or sounds you hear were never played that way again. Each musical trip with Space was unique to itself... Stream of consciousness playing is one of the highest places you can go with a band!"

1970's band The Runaways
Cherie Currie, Joan Jett,
Sandy West, Lita Ford,
Jackie Fox
Group shot With
Rodney Bingenheimer and Eddie Van Halen

November 4, 2014 Photo's courtesy Cherie Currie and details from Kara Wright

Note: Cherie received many photos from friends and fans.
She asked me to give them credit.

Cherie Currie
Black and White
From Myspace Friend
With Son
Jake Hays
From Rhonda J. VanBuskirk
Cherie and Jake
From Rhonda J. VanBuskirk
Article about Cherie and Marie
Steve Geelow
Cherie and
sister Marie
Norm Jacobovitz
Cherie and
Lita Ford
From Mike Wolf
2013 and 1977
From Cherie
Beautiful girl singing
From Lady Fable

Rocking onstage From
Cherie's Foxes
Joan Jett and Cherie
Ricky Gorden
Details below courtesy Kara Wright Fowley
(RIP Kim Fowley)
Kara Wright (Manager Catalogue Development, Peer Music) joins Kim Fowley (Peer Catalogue Writer/Original Producer of The Runaways) in welcoming Cherie Currie (Lead Vox/The Runaways) & Lita Ford (Lead Guitar/The Runaways)...to the world of 21st Century Experimental Recordings. Four Hollywood days were spent making noise...the highlight of Saturday's Music Madness was the visit by LAPD..."to turn it down." Stay tuned for more developments! Peer Music currently publishes
The Runaways Music Catalogue. Photo by Brad Elterman.


Cherie is going on tour November 6, 2013. Check out the dates.
She will also be at The Viper Room on December 6, 2013!

Cherie on Facebook

See Cherie's amazing art work on ChainsawChick.com

July 1, 2015 New photo's of Robert Plant and the Sensational Space Shifters courtesy ME!

Robert Plant at
The Greek Theater
June 2, 2015
The Space Shifters Robert Plant and
The Sensational Space Shifters
Robert Plant -Over the Moon! Playing his tambourine. The moon was actually right next to the screen.

Michael Anderson
formerly of the King Street Dukes
He is a Country Rock Artist.
He has recorded his own solo albums as well
as written hit songs for other artists.

His web site here

Tom Rush Band
Tom Rush Band
L to R Trevor Veitch, James Rolleston
RIP 4-09,
Richard Patterson (drums), Tom Rush

James Rolleston RIP (2ND from left)
James was also from the band
Sweet Wine (F4)

Tom Rush Myspace

January 13, 2013 photo's and story courtesy Billy Doherty

Lost Souls
On stage at
The Hullabaloo
Band members:Tony Leon RIP- rhythm guitar
Kent Henry RIP- lead guitar
Mason Hanna - bass guitar
Billy Doherty - bass guitar
John Burrows RIP - drums
Skip Schrieber - lead vocal and harmonica

Read about them here

Billie's emai address here!

May 13, 2010 Photo's courtesy Evan Marks
Evan and his corvette Evan at 17 with his 27 year old stripper girlfriend
Julie Norman (RIP)
Evan age 56

Email from Evan on News 2 here

Read Evan's story here

Evans's Myspace

April 19, 2011 Photo's courtesy Don Waller
Imperial Dogs November 11, 1974
The alley behind Rodney's
L to R
Tim Hilger
Don Waller
Bill Willett
Paul Therrio
Imperial Dogs Flyer
Second performance at Rodney's
English Disco
Feb. 16, 1975
Imperial Dogs
DVD Cover
Kim Fowley wearing an ID t-shirt introduces the Imperial Dogs Don Waller vocals
Tim Hilger bass

Bill Willett drummer
Paul Therrio guitar
Spiritual godfather Iggy Pop
(in blue denim)
witnesses the band's performance

Read all about Imperial Dogs


Midnight Dog on YouTube

This Ain't The Summer of Love on YouTube

Just Kids on You Tube

Don Waller on Facebook

Email Don

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