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Faces 6

Photo's courtesy Terry Rae 2004
The Drift Tones 1965
Danny Hortter, Buddy Isbell,

Dave Travis (RIP),
Bill Robotham, Terry Rae
The Scramblers
Kurt, Dave Travis, Rick and Terry Rae

The Drift Tones later changed personnel and became
The Yellow Payges with Danny Hortter singing lead
and playing harmonica. See them on Faces 11

Sept. 18, 2008 Sadly, Dave Travis passed away Sept. 12, 2008.
See more about him on News 2 and Faces 13.

Dave's Myspace page

December 8, 2008 Photo's courtesy Carolyn Levesque
Thank you Carolyn!

Dave Travis
1967- 68 This photo was used on Dave's 45
Drift Tones
Dan Hortter
Dave Travis
Terry Rae
Buddy Isbell
Drift Tones onstage

Dave Travis and The Extremes
Dave Travis and
The Extremes
group shot
Pat Conniry Rhythm
Marty Brown on Drums
Pat Kelley on Keyboard
The Hullabaloo June 20, 1966
Pat Conniry
Rockin onstage Dave onstage
unknown location
Mark Wilson
Backup Drummer
Today he is
a Magician
Robert Wilson
He went to
South High
in Torrance, Ca.
Robert in front of
John Lennon drawing by Carolyn
Robert jumping for Joy!
Dave Travis 1966 Pat Kelley
On the grass!
He went to
South High in Torrance, Ca.
Pat playing around!
Dave Travis and
The Extremes
The Hullabaloo
June 20, 1966
Designed by
Tom Levesque
Designed by

Carolyn Levesque 1968

Carolyn's story here

Dec. 27, 2008 more great photo's from Carolyn

Chad Stuart and Jeremy Clyde

Onstage The Hullabaloo Dec. 12, 1965
More onstage shots Drawing by Carolyn
Autographed by Jeremy
Chad and Jeremy outside

The Yellow Payges
The Hullabaloo 6-20-66 Autograph Ian Whitcomb

More photo's of The Yellow Payges on Faces 11

January 12, 2009 Photo's courtesy Carolyn Levesque

The Liverpool Five

Group shot The Hullabaloo Jan. 15, 1966 Their hand
written address
Liverpool Five token The Beatles
Help ticket from
Palos Verdes Theatre
The Beatles Token

Photo's courtesy Don Adey 2004
The Pussycat a Go Go 1965
The Heathens Dirk Acree, Sharon Acree,
and Don Adey

Photo's courtesy Dirk Acree Sep. 2007
Thanx for all the great photo's Dirk!

The Heathens 1965
Photo on left Pandora's Box

The group photo on the left looks like The Heathens with Bryan Wilson

The Ladybirds
Group Shot Onstage Outside

Dirk Sharon age 3-Dirk 5

Photo's courtesy Sande Newton 2004 Mick Newton (RIP) formerly of
The Churchill Downs
Mick and Sande The Wedding 1968
Mick and Sande Newton
Mick Newton (RIP)
read more

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