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July 22, 2015 Details out about Larry Dunlap's new book! Click here

Photo's Courtesy Bill Lordan August 2007

Bill Lordan and The Amazers
Bill Lordan and The Esquires
receiving a
Gold Record
The Apollo Theatre
Eric Mercury Band Gypsy

Bill in
Sly and
The Family Stone
Sly called him
"Lord of The Drums"
Bill jamming with
Jimi Hendrix
from the
Rob Lewis
Dave Steffen Band Spellbinder

Robin Trower
Center -
Jimmy Dewar
Right Bill
Robin Trower
Will Murphy
and Bill
Bill and
Larry Braggs of
Tower of Power

Bill and
Adolfo Acosta
Tower of Power
Cynthia Von Hoff
Scott Sansby

and Bill

Robin Trower and
Bill Lordan
In 2004 Bill won
the L.A. music awards for
lifetime achievement in drumming
British Record Award 2007
Rock and Country
Hall of Fame Award

Bill and Robin Trower Bill and
Jimmy Dewar
Bill backstage Bill and
Jimmy Dewar

Robin Trower
Filmore West 1974
Filmore West 1974 Filmore West
Bill Stockholm Sweden
Andy Warhol and
Robin Trower

Bill and Steve Vai - September2007

December 23, 2007

Robin Trower

February 4, 2008 courtesy Bill Lordan


Bill Lordan Experiment

Bill Lordan Biography

Photo's Courtesy Chuck Negron August 2007
Three Dog Night
Group Photo on right

L to R
Joe Schermie (bass), Michael Allsup (guitar)
Jimmy Greenspoon RIP (keys),
Chuck Negron and Danny Hutton (vocals)
Front Floyd Sneed (drums)
Corel Wells (vocals)

Today 2007

Chuck Negron Biography

Chuck Negron Website

Chuck's Myspace

Photo's Courtesy Stefen Shady August 2007

Los Angeles' First Glam Band
L to R:
Bones Denault,
Stefen Shady,
Billy McCartney, Gerhard Helmut,
John Christian
Raving Mad
A limited edition
was released
in 2005


Recent photo's 2007

C.I.A. Presents
The King of the Underground Bands
Saturday - September 8, 2007

These are great interviews.
They should both be read. Enjoy!
Thanks Stefen for all the
great photo's and stories.

Shady Lady Interview by Chuck Nolan

Slam Rocks Interview with Stefen Shady

Stefen Facebook


June 2007 Photo's Courtesy Alex Campbell 1970's and 80's
Alex and Chet Thompson-Hellion

Right-Alex at The Starwood 1976
Makus Tremmel Band
Far Right-Alex and Bryant Sterling at The Starwood


Mandy Lion and Skip Gelette Goupshot

Alex was in these bands: Urantia Band,
Makus Tremmel, Bryant Sterling,
Felucca Go, Champion, Lion
He is still writing and recording

Violet Moon Violet Dec 2007

April 2007 Photo's courtesy Rob Schwarz
Heavy Martha Syrcus
Jack Schwarz on Bass,
Scott Grant on Guitar,
Rob Schwarz on drums 1970
Rob Schwarz 1973 L-R Scott Grant
Jim Knight
Jack Schwarz
Rob standing
Rob Schwarz
1979 ~ 1980
Front row L~R Lee Zimmer,
Scott Grant (sitting), Dave Becker
Back row L~R Bill Giles,
Rob Schwarz,
(Rob Masters at the time)

1993 Steppes Reunion on YouTube here

Read Rob's Story

Rob on Facebook




Photo's Courtesy Dirk Acree February 2007 - taken 1964
The Blazers
Dirk front right
Kathy Young and
Chris Montez
w/The Blazers
Jan and Dean
w/The Blazers
The Oj's
w/The Blazers
The Rivintgon's
w/The Blazers
The Coaster's
w/The Blazers
Terry Stafford
w/The Blazers
Terry Stafford
w/The Blazers
The Beach Boys The Heathans
The Lady Birds
Dirk's sister Sharon and
Dirk far right
Dirk lead singer
far right-one of
Three Dog Night (?)
A fuzzy photo of
Don Adey and Dirk
in Palm Springs
Posters all for 1964 events February 2, 2007
Happy Birthday Dirk
from Don Adey
Dirk 2006

The Lady Birds were the first all female band.
They were on Shindig, opened up for the Rolling Stones,
went to View Nam on the Bob Hope Tour and played at Gazzarri's.

Photo's courtesy Charlemange
who has a Left Banke web site available on my Links Page.

This was a great band and a favorite of mine. I thought it was
important that I added them to my site.

The Left Banke
Steve Martin Michael Brown Tom Finn George Cameron
1971 Sept 67
Billboard ad
George, Steve and Tom Rick Brand

Big Takeover Magazine 2003
The Left Banke were a late 1960's band from New York with a unique sound. Critics labeled them "baroque-pop" due to the classical influences in their music, mostly due to then 16 year old keyboardist/songwriter Michael Brown's classical background and 18 year old Steve Martin Caro's beautiful haunting voice. Quick fame, bruised egos, poor management and touring conditions, along with substance abuse caused the band to self destruct before the decade was over.
A few attempts to reform the group were made, but they never again had the success of the music they made on their first album.

Dec 2006 Photo's courtesy Larry Dunlap
The Rag Doll
No. Hollywood 1968
top clockwise:
Larry Dunlap,
Leonard Souza,
Craig Richards,
Dave Dunn,
Les Silvey,
Mac Brown
The Illusions 1963
"In The Still
of The Night"
Stark Naked
Griffith Park
Stark Naked Hamming it up for a photo SN later onstage More SN Stark Naked reunion

Read more here

July 22, 2015 Larry's book 'Night People' is out now and the Kindle is on sale until July 23, 2015!
It's a great book!

Night People - Things we lost in the night @ Amazon.com

NIGHT PEOPLE, the first book of an intimate literary memoir,
follows the first three of six years in the life of a young singer and his
Midwestern friends as they strive for success in a coming-of-age music-
and romance-filled journey in 1960-era California and Las Vegas.

Read his email on News 2 for January 10, 2015



Lee Michaels
Lee Michaels
Do you know what I mean
Lee and
Sugar Bear
Poster Poster

November 2006 Photo's courtesy Mandy Collins (Mark's niece)

Mark Anthony RIP
Mark Anthony formerly of the Hollywood Stars.
Top right when they were on tour with the Kinks.
Sadly, he has passed away in 2002. Mark also on Faces 4.
August 23, 2007 update~More info about his death on News 2

Morgana Welch my dear sweet friend!
Center photo-Morgana and friends
with Robert Plant and John Bonham of Led Zepplin
at Rodney's English Disco in Hollywood 1970's.
Thanks Morgana for the great photo's! Also,
Her Book is out as of Dec. 2007. I recommend it to everyone!

Morgana on Facebook
Hollywood Diaries by Morgana Welch December 2007
Taken in Santa Monica. Morgana was here for her
book signing.
I met her the following day at the beach.
Morgana and I 2007

Hollywood Diaries

Morgana's Myspace page

January 18, 2014
Hollywood Diaires Reading by MorganaWelch


July 21, 2014 The Book of Shadows by Morgana Welch
Order it on her web site below!
It is a great book!


Bonnie Sarnelli 2006
You can reach her at desertminerals@msn.com

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