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Faces 13

Photo's courtesy Terry Rae 2003
Hollywood Stars
Bottom front~Kim Fowley RIP,
behind him is Terry Rae,
Ruben de Fuentes,
Scott Phares, and Kevin Barnhill

Hollywood Stars continued - Photo's courtesy Scott Phares
Mark Anthony,
Scott Phares,
Ruben de Fuentes,
Terry Rae,
Gary Van Dyke
live at
the Whisky
Dec 1973
Scott Phares
Kevin Barhill
in background
Photo Album cover
Mark Anthony,
Ruben de Fuentes
Terry Rae
Kevin Barnhill
Scott Phares center

Original band with
Gary Van Dyke rehearsing at SIR
continued article
If you would like
a copy-email me
Early 1974
Scott Phares
from the first
Hollywood Stars
performance at SIR
Original band from
their first performance

Sadly, Mark Anthony has passed away. See more about him on Faces 14.

Photo's courtesy Scott Phares


center ~ Scott Phares ~ vocals
clockwise ~ Jeff Jones ~ Drums
Curt Houle ~ Keyboards, vocals
Neil Citron ~ Guitar, vocals
Mark Houle ~ Bass, vocals

Photo's courtesy Dickie Peterson RIP and Buzz Clic
Thanks guys, awesome photo's!
Sadly, Dickie passed away on Oct. 12th 2009!
Read more about him on News 2

Blue Cheer
Taken at the Chet Helms Tribal Stomp Oct. 30, 2005

Dickie RIP
head shot
Dickie with attitude Great Color!

Leigh jammin

Blue Cheer LIVE - Last Live Performance in 2005
Hosted By: Blue Cheer Music
When: Saturday Dec 10, 2005
at 10:00 PM
Where: Krug's Place
906 N. East Street
Frederick, MD 21701
(301) 694-0066
Cover - $15.00

Fresh from rehearsal on the new CD,
Blue Cheer is doing what they do best
.... playing hot live music 'til the walls fall down.
Also on the bill ...
Internal Void and Kelly Carmichale.
The Cheer is on at 10:00 PM, hotter than ever.

Blue Cheer on Facebook

Photo's courtesy Don Adey
The Heathen's
Dirk Acree Center
Center left ~ Don Adey,
Right ~ Sharon Acree.
Not sure who the two guys on the outside are

These photo's are of Terry Rae.
July 2005

August 25, 2010 Photo's courtesy Michael Chain

The Knack

Front-Larry Gould, Michael Chain,
The Audience Onstage Album Cover
Michael and his Ferrari Sea Witch in Hollywood Michael today 2012

Michael Chain Band

His Website

His Facebook page

Jamme album cover courtesy Terry Rae

Paul Downing, Don Adey,
Tim Smiser, Terry Rae

Don is currently working with
Paul Downing and Terry Rae
on a new Cd 2006

Photo's courtesy Don Adey 2006

top l to r~Don Adey on his blue Strat
Don with Bobby Cochran at NAMM
bot l to r~Paul Downing (Jamme/Standells)
Don with Roger Daltrey at SIR Feb 2006
The Wobblers

Photo's courtesy Randy Holden

Blue Cheer

Dickie Peterson,
Randy Holden,
Paul Whaley
Paul Whaley,
Randy Holden,
Dickie Peterson
Randy Holden,
Paul Whaley,
Dickie Peterson
Jerry Russell (management)
Randy Holden - guitar
Dickie Peterson - Bass, Vocals
Paul Whaley - Drums

Blue Cheer Album Covers

Photo's courtesy Art Guy April 2006

Smokestack Lightnin'

l to r Kelly Green
Ric Eiserling
Art Guy
Ronnie Darling
l to r Ronnie Darling
Kelly Green
Art Guy
Rick Eiserling
Kelly Green
Ronnie Darling
Art Guy
Rick Eiserling

Kelly Green - Bass guitar
Ronnie Darling -Vocals
Art Guy - Drums
Rick Eiserling - Lead guitar
Smokestack Lightnin performed...

Photo's courtesy Dave Travis RIP May 2006

Dave Travis and The Extremes

Left to Right Jay Holcomb, Lynn Poyer,
Dave Travis, Pat Kelley, Conrad Wedberg

This is the same line up that recorded the song
"Last Night the Flowers Bloomed" that Tony the Tyger
has on one of his
Garage Band Compilations.
We had just played in last Battle of the Bands we did, we were quite good [if I do say so myself, but we did originals and the other bands were just like the record.
We were not happy.

Dave Travis Video on You Tube
Angels Over Manhattan
Sept. 2007
Dave's Myspace Page is available
on my Links Page

Sept. 18, 2008 Sadly, Dave passed away on Sept. 12, 2008.
See more about him on News 2 for Sept. 18th.

Message from family here.

Photo's courtesy Danny Belsky May 2006

The AlleyKats The New Dimensions

Danny Belsky on sax,
David Doud,
Art Guy on Drums,
Jimmy Greenspoon,
to his left is Michael Lloyd
Santa Monica Surf Fair 1960~61
Danny Belsky on sax,
Art Guy on Drums,
Craig Nuttycombe and
Michael Lloyd on guitars, and Jimmy Greenspoon
on piano

Sound Of The 7th Son News articles

Danny Belsky, JoeMadrid,
David Doud,
Jimmy Greenspoon RIP of
(Three Dog Night) standing,
Michael Doud

David Doud, Mike Doud,
Danny Belsky,
Jimmy Greenspoon RIP,
Joe Madrid

These articles were taken Sept. 2, and 3rd, 1965. The band had to go to court to get a record contract approved.

The Eastside Kids

Back left - Danny Belsky, Joe Madrid,
Jimmy Greenspoon RIP, Dennis Lambert,
Front - Dave and Mike Doud
This photo was taken in the sand area of the
Sea Witch on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood 1965-66. Dennis became 1/2 of Lambert and Nuttycombe. He committed suicide several years ago.
The Doud's have passed away.
Read more about them on News 2 for
September 13, 2009.

This picture is the reincarnation of Eddie James
and The Pacific Ocean at The Lighthouse in Hermosa Beach, Ca. 1971-72

Tony Carr, Danny Belsky on drums, Eddie James on piano
( actor Edward James Olmos)
David Doud on guitar
Danny Belsky on Flute at
The Hullabaloo

This was a fashion shot with models taken at the trip on Sunset Blvd which was the Old Cresando Night Club next door to the Playboy Club. It was published in the L.A. Times magazine of the Sunday paper sometime probably in 1966. Jimmy Greenspoon is on piano, Joe Madrid is singing and Danny Belsky on drums to the back right. We were "The Sound Of The 7th Son" at that time. We later bacame the Eastside Kids.

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