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November 8, 2013 New photo's courtesy Diane Lee and Kara Wright click here

Photo's courtesy Michael Stuart-Ware formerly of Sons of Adam and LOVE

Michael Stuart-Ware

The Sons of Adam 1964 -1966
Joe Kooken, Randy Holden
Mike Port,
Michael Stuart
Randy Holden,
Stuart -Ware,
Joe Kooken,
Mike Port
Beast of the Fields A promo group shot by Leslie Speakers Corp 45
Baby Show
The World
Photo on right~Beasts of the Field were strictlya promo group set up by Leslie Speakers Corp.

Son's of Adam in a Movie called "A Slendar Thread" with Ann Bancroft on You Tube here

Michael's web site
Pegasus Carousel.com

Michael on Facebook


October 2007
Photo's courtesy Thomas Galasso

Love 1967 Love Johnny Echols
Hullabaloo 1966
Arthur Lee lt
TJ Cantrelli rt

Johnny Echols
Santa Monica
Johnny Echols Johnny Echols
and Arthur Lee
Johnny Echols, Bryan McLean,
Arthur Lee

LOVE Band Michael Stuart-Ware LOVE Band LOVE Band 1974

Arthur Lee
Arthur taken by
Bryan McLean
Reel to Reel
album 1974
Arthur Lee and Love
Magazine 1970

Arthur Lee London 1974
Arthur Lee
March 7, 1945-
August 3, 2006
Arthur Lee
On stage

Forever Changes
LOVE Album
False Start
LOVE Four Sail 1969 LOVE Poster

Arthur Lee and Love
Five String Serenade
LOVE Poster My Little Red Book
single Germany

He gazed down upon his kingdom and wrote:
"Sitting on a hillside-Watching all the people die-
I'll feel much better on the other side."


November 8, 2013 New photo's courtesy Diane Lee and Kara Wright

Diane and
Arthur Lee
Details below Annette Ferrel,
Georgiana Steele-Waller, Sandra Rae at Canter's Restaurant
Blue Moon Love-In
Diane Lee (Arthur Lee Estate) and Kara Wright (Peer Music) welcome The Doors' Robby Krieger, Love's Johnny Echols, Georgiana Steele-Waller and Ronnie Haran (former manager for The Doors and Love) to the 2013 Gibson GuitarTown unveiling of the "Forever Changes" guitar art sculpture on Sunset Strip. Photo by Harold Sherrick.

November 9, 2007 Photo's from the Thomas Monaster Collection August 1968

Johnny Echols at
Bido Lito's
The LOVE Band
Haight Ashbury
San Francisco
Bryan McLean

Love with Arthur Lee

Arthur Lee, Johnny Echols
Bryan McLean, Kenny Forssi
Michael Stuart~Ware
Forever Changes Cd 1967
My Collection

March 21, 2009 The best L.A. band was LOVE - LA Weekly article May 2008

LA Weekly read all about it here

October 9, 2009 Photo's courtesy Johnny Echols


Johnny talking to
David Crosby
Hollywood Bowl 1960s
Johnny and Arthur on stage at
The Hullabaloo 1966
The Hollywood Bowl 1960's Grammy Hall of Fame 2008
"Forever Changes"
LOVE Story Documentary
June 2007
Johnny on stage Johnny signing
photo courtesy
Harold Sherrick
The Whisky with
LOVE and
Sons of Adam
Arthur Lee RIP 8-3-06
and Johnny
From beginning
to end...
brothers united
Poster for Benefit Concert
June 28th 2006
at The Whisky
Dave Chapple
Benefit Concert at
The Whisky
Willie Chambers with Vince and The Invincebles
Harold Sherrick
Willie Chambers,
and Vince and
The Invincebles
at S.I.R. rehersal
Robert Plant
and Johnny
New York benefit concert for
Arthur Lee 2006
New York 6-23-06
Poster benefit to raise money for
Arthur Lee's
medical expenses
LOVE with Johnny Echols and
Baby Lemonade
...Going back on the road 8-4-09
Poster for LOVE with Johnny Echols and
Baby Lemonade
Tour with
Sky Saxon RIP and
The Electric Prunes
LOVE with Johnny Echols and
Baby Lemonade 2009
LOVE album Da Capo
"Forever Changes"

Johnny on Facebook

October 23, 2015
LOVE revisited tour the UK in Summer 2016 to mark the 10th anniversary of Arthur Lee's passing. Original LOVE member Johnny Echols is joined by Arthur's longest serving band for Three members of the later Love Band.


Johnny Echols Myspace
It includes all tour dates beginning August 5, 2009

Johnny's website

November 3, 2009 New Link The Freedom Man.com

Poster's and CD's courtesy Michael Stuart-Ware

Links available on my Link Page

You're a Better Man Than I Take My Hand

Photo's courtesy Randy Holden web site available on my Links page

Blue Cheer
Jimi Hendrix and
Blue Cheer
Randy Holden Dickie Peterson RIP,
Randy Holden,
Paul Whaley

Randy Holden.com

November 7, 2008 Photo's courtesy Randy Carlisle (RIP)

The Yellow Payges
Randy Carlisle
on guitar
Lead singer~
Dan Hortter
Danny Gorman on drums 1967
Yellow Payges Sons of Adam
Michael Port,
John Simmons
Craig Tarwater,
Randy Carlisle,
Joe Kooken

Randy was also in a band with Randy Holden called The Other Half

February 14, 2011 Sadly, Randy passed away today!
He will be greatly missed! You can read the email from Dan Hortter
on News 2.

Bonnie Sarnelli

Read her story

Photo courtesy Fred Darling
Boones Farm
Kent Sprague, Brad Palmer,
Fred Darling, Gary Stovall
Fred and Gary
of the Churchill Downs

They recorded their first and only album in February 1972.
Here is a link to Fred's web page

Photo's courtesy Don Adey 2005
Don with his friends at the
Musicians Picnic October 1, 2005

Don on Facebook

Photo's courtesy Sande Newton

Gary Stoval,
Fred Darling,
Dirk Acree,
Mick Newton
and Fred
at Gazzarri's
Fred Fred and Gary

Photo's courtesy Fred Darling Gazzarrie's 1968

Mick and Fred Mick Dirk and Fred
Mick Fred Gary

Churchill Downs Youtube link courtesy Fred Darling
The CD was released in Europe last July and CD's will be coming out soon in the US!


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