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April 3, 2015 Photo's of Jimi Hendrix and Donovan at a party, Click here

The Yellow Payges
Bill Ham, Danny Gorman,
Bob Barnes, Dan Hortter
Dan Hortter Danny Gorman
Bob Barnes
Dan Hortter, Bill Ham

Dan Hortter On stage Dan Hortter

Photo's courtesy Dorothy Mladenka Taken at
The Stardust Ballroom in Corpus Christi, Texas 1968

Danny Gorman
and Dorothy
The Yellow Payges 1968

More photo's of The Yellow Payges on Faces 6

November 2, 2013 Photo courtesy Fran. See her email on News 2.
Frann Altman

November 8, 2013 New photo courtesyLorna McNeil and email from Derek Sanderson

The "US" Band 1965
Taken at The Sea Witch L-R Vaughn Sanderson, Richard FehRing,
Ron Pelletier, Stan West, Jack Oldham,

See an email from Vaughn Sanderson's (RIP) son Derek on News 2

February 3, 2015 Photo's of Jimi Hendrix and friend Cathy Warren (my brother's ex girlfriend)
at Donovan's Party about 1968

I do not own these photos. They have been on the internet for years and I haven't found
out who does own them.
If someone comes forward, I will remove them at their request.

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