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2009 Photo's courtesy Michael Rummans

The Sloths

Michael Rummans 2005 L to R
Marc McClure,
Jim McNichols,
Ruben de Fuentes,
Peter Brunner,
Roger Rogerson
Pandora's Box add with
The Sloths
The Sloths 45 Makin' Love
Their only release
Michael and Hank Hank Don Silverman
and Mick
Mick Galper Sam Kamarass

The Yellow Payges

Yellow Payges
Michael Randy Carlysle RIP
on Drums
Dan Hortter
The Hullabaloo Michael
Michael onstage
at The Hullabaloo
Bob Norsoff
Dan Hortter and
Danny Gorman
Outside event
Danny Gorman
Dan Hortter
Randy Carlysle and
Danny Gorman
The Yellow Payges

Salt and Pepper
A composite photo
L to R drummer Steve Rumph
lead singer Rick (James) Matthews
bass Greg Reeves
F guitar Michael Rummans

The Hollywood Stars 1976

An earlier version that pre-dates
Hollywood Stars
L to R Michael,
Bobby Drier and
Mark Anthony (Warner)
Michael and
Mark Anthony
Taken for a
duet before
Hollywood Stars
Happy together
By the Fire

The Hollywood Stars 1978

Mark Anthony (Warner)
Ruben de Fuentes
Michael Alice Cooper and
Bernie Taupin
backstage at
The Whisky with Hollywood Stars,
radio jocks
and record execs.
Ruben Rockin HS Live More live The Hollywood Stars
(Legends of
The Sunset Strip)
The Runaways
at The Whisky

The Hollywood Stars - The Kinks 1978
The Hollywood Stars
rare 45
The Kinks
The New Kids on
The Street
Sleepwalker The Kinks and Hollywood Stars at
The Civic Theater

The King Bees

The King Bees
rare 45
My Mistake
released by PRI in
Backstage 1981 At the Street Scene
Los Angeles 1981
Kingbees 1st tour Michael and Rex backstage at
The Forum
The Kingbees had several scenes in
The Idolmaker
and played on the soundtrack
Back-up for
Dwight Yoakam

at a charity benefit 6-09
Michael and Dwight's original drummer
Jeff Donovan
Jamie James and Michael at Purple Orchid 2008

Michael bass player used to own
Fortress Rehearsal Studios in Hollywood.

He also played in Tupelo Chain Sex and The Brat

Michael o Facebook
Michael's Myspace page


Michael is also available on my Links page

Nite City

Noah James, Paul Warren,
Ray Manzarek, Nigel Harrison,
Jimmy Hunter

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